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Hi~ My name is Michele! My blog started out being about Reiki, which is energy work, but has evolved into so much more than that. Yes I still do Reiki and it is just one tool that keeps me on my journey to my authentic happy self. Do we every really get to the point where we are finished working on ourselves....well that is a good question but for me the answer is no....I work every day on being the happiest I can possibly be....I remind myself to be thankful for this moment right blog is full on inspirational thoughts to help others on their journey to their authentic happy self! So read and enjoy and never stop working on can't change others but you can change yourself! Be blessed~

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holidays are coming~

The holidays are coming fast...soon we will be gathering with our friends and family to celebrate the holidays...and if you don't celebrate our upcoming holidays this blog is still for you~

The hustle and bustle of life can easily get us remember to take just a few minutes each day to center and balance yourself before you walk out the door to face life! With so much technology and the media filling our heads with so many useless worries it is no wonder we walk around in a fog most of the time. We get up...go to work...go tv....and then off to bed for a restless nights sleep then do it all over again...we walk around with our cell phones in our hands or pockets almost all of the time heck now that I have a Kindle I walk around with both my phone and my Kindle almost all of the time and I am sure I am not alone in that.

Can we change this? Probably not it has become a part of our lives....but let this be a reminder to stop...lay down your phone and enjoy whatever you are doing right now....I have been working on this for a while now but with the holidays I think it is time to work a little harder on it.

Ever day start your day out with a few minutes of silence...a couple of deep breathes and set a positive intention for your day.....lets make the holidays and every day full of love and kindness for each other....lets work on enjoying our lives just as they are right now and know that they are always changing...sometimes for the good and sometimes not so much but it is up to us if we want to be happy or not in this moment....I know this isn't for everyone...sometimes medical issues just don't let you choose to be happy so extra love and hugs to you...

So let the "holiday love" start now and carry it all thru next year....send love and peace to everyone you meet everyday and maybe the crazy world we live in will be a little brighter all year long~

Be blessed~

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