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Hi~ My name is Michele! My blog started out being about Reiki, which is energy work, but has evolved into so much more than that. Yes I still do Reiki and it is just one tool that keeps me on my journey to my authentic happy self. Do we every really get to the point where we are finished working on ourselves....well that is a good question but for me the answer is no....I work every day on being the happiest I can possibly be....I remind myself to be thankful for this moment right blog is full on inspirational thoughts to help others on their journey to their authentic happy self! So read and enjoy and never stop working on can't change others but you can change yourself! Be blessed~

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

As I sit and look at my FB page this is my cover is nice to have a reminder of how I want to feel....but the facts are life does not always let me feel any of these things...and that is a fact!

Sometimes at first glance you think that others have it so much more "together" than you do...well I know that is true for me. I look at pictures on FB and think to myself "wow their life looks so much or exciting than mine" you get the idea...I think it is hard not to compare ourselves to others either on FB or in real life.

We all live our lives every day and that life should suit who you are and what you want to be doing at this moment. And remember that life is ever changing.... If your a stay at home mom or a busy executive or somewhere in the middle remind yourself to really enjoy each day and every minute of that day! Find time no matter where you are in your life to look for and find peace and a moment to center yourself...and no I am not always peaceful...calm or centered but I work hard at finding these feelings as often as I can!

Love who you are on the inside and it will always reflect on the outside~

Be blessed~

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