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Hi~ My name is Michele! My blog started out being about Reiki, which is energy work, but has evolved into so much more than that. Yes I still do Reiki and it is just one tool that keeps me on my journey to my authentic happy self. Do we every really get to the point where we are finished working on ourselves....well that is a good question but for me the answer is no....I work every day on being the happiest I can possibly be....I remind myself to be thankful for this moment right blog is full on inspirational thoughts to help others on their journey to their authentic happy self! So read and enjoy and never stop working on can't change others but you can change yourself! Be blessed~

Friday, November 8, 2013

Finding Balance

Some days just seem so overwhelming...we go about our daily lives trying to fit everything in....we don't always realize that we have to much on our plates until something gives...we either get sick or something bigger than that with our health. It may be kind of silly but for me I trip....sometimes I fall sometimes just trip but it is a reminder for me to slow down!

How do you find balance in your life? Do you have a special way you cope with life? I would like to say I have a great idea to share with you but really I don't! Usually for me I know when I just need to take a break and take time for myself...this week I was reminded by a cold sore...yes something that small can be your reminder...I let a situation with Walmart get me so upset and within 1 hour I started getting a cold sore...stress that's what it was for me....and you know nothing at Walmart is worth getting that upset about...of course at the moment it seemed like it was!

So I decided to take a step back from FB and my computer in may not last for long but even one day has gave me more time to sit in silence and relax....with the holidays coming start now and find something that brings you peace and or just sit in silence for a few minutes every day!
While your sitting go over in your head or write them down....but make a list of all the wonderful things in your life and of all the things you have to be grateful for.

Maybe there really is no way to find balance in your life....but just be aware....take a break from life when you need it...and take care of you!

Be blessed~

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